About Us

This site aims to provide the best information about eating a healthy diet on the internet. It can be difficult to find what is fact and what is fiction online as there is so much information out there on what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. As a dietician with years of experience, I can truly offer expert advice on how to ensure a diet is healthy and able to support a person’s lifestyle goals. This page will explain a little bit about who I am and the background I have in the dietitian world as well as my goals for this website.

I became a registered dietitian over fifteen years ago but have had a background in the nutrition industry before that. As a young woman, one of my first jobs was working at a health food and supplement store. This experience helped me find a love for nutrition in several ways. First, it introduced the concept that different foods contain different types of nutrients which directly impact any fitness or health goals a person has. Secondly, it gave me firsthand experience on working with customers and seeing the positive results the right diet and health advice had on their lives.

My background in helping people make healthier choices in their lives led me to pursue a formal dietitian qualification and dedicate my life to offering the right nutritional advice that people need. My resolve to do this was further fueled by witnessing some of the bad advice that is commonly given out online. People who do not have a qualified background in nutrition can be found giving out information that has not been tried and tested in the real world at all. Several of my friends and relatives have come across such bad advice so I wanted to find a way to ensure that this never happened again.

For weeks, I thought about how I could use my knowledge of food and nutrition to help people get the advice and information they truly need. Then the idea for this site came to me! I resolved to create a place where people could get all of the tips and facts on food and nutrition that they needed in one place. This site will feature nothing but the highest quality information that is based on both science and my years of real world experience. I guarantee that any healthy eating information you find here can be trusted with full confidence.

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